About Ushana

Dr. Uta Ushana, Background: Celestial Dance
Dr. Uta Ushana, Background: Celestial Dance

Ushana is an award-winning painter and Multi Media Artist with works in major US museums and collections, including the MasterCard Corporation, New York; the John Wayne International Airport, CA; The Scripps Foundation and Research Center, CA, and in international private collections. Images of both her paintings and award-winning photography were published in: “Planet Earth” by Kaiser Aluminum Corporation. She presented New Vision and New Music, an Arts in Education multi-media program to thousands of elementary and high school students in the San Francisco Bay area, CA.

Ushana is listed in Who’s Who in the World  (2003, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018); Strathmore’s Who’s Who (2010); Who’s Who in American Art (2006); Who’s Who Among Young Professionals (1989-1991) and others. The artist published twenty fine art print editions, which were distributed to galleries across the country.

Artist Statement

”To me, life is a beautiful dance. My paintings hope to express my deep love of music, movement and the richly pulsating, vibrant forms of our world, seen and unseen. Underlying this intelligent and wondrous creation is what has been called a “sacred geometry”, as evident in the smallest forms — such as the center of a flower — to the identical pattern comprising a galaxy. I like to keep close to this heartbeat of life, expressed throughout nature with its boundless patterns of energy, rhythms, colors and reflected light. I believe that it is from this field of interconnectedness and unity with all life that works of art will have “healing in its wings.”

“The creative process is energy in motion. I approach an empty canvas, while listening to an eclectic mix of music and engage in improvisational dancing. That opens the doors to me for inspiration to flow spontaneously. My paintings develop from an inner journey of discovery, comparable to traveling to unexplored lands, based on my unique life experiences. In the process of creating, I discover new vistas. I consider myself a visual storyteller. My intention is to create luminous, vibrant images, which will bring a heightened sense of vitality, joyfulness and peace to the viewer.

My painting process is based on my joy of discovering new techniques and tools in order to bring my inner vision to life. Each work is a one-of-a-kind statement. I believe in honoring each moment for its own potential of discovery in finding fresh vistas. I started as a watercolorist, then added acrylics, water-based oils, oil crayons and found objects from metals to feathers and hand-made papers. I often use a combination of several media to achieve my inner vision. The work may best be described as mixed media.

My travels to many countries in the world developed a strong curiosity about art and it’s regenerative qualities. I am convinced that inspiring art has the potential to lift the human spirit and touch the soul. I have seen it shift people’s awareness as they look at themselves and their world with new eyes. Art builds culture, diversity and community. Let’s have more of it.”

Ushana has completed many commissioned works for public spaces, corporations, places of worship and private estates. If you wish to become one of Ushana’s worldwide collectors and are interested in a commissioned work for a specific environment, please contact the artist through this website for further information.

“Your painting, “Celestial Musician” with its beautiful, warm, joyous feeling and air of benevolent mystery and creative energy has transformed our home. Both our sons, Josh, sixteen and Matt, twelve, have chosen to do their homework under the quiet gaze of the “Celestial Musician”. Both boys have suddenly accelerated in their academic work and their focus has much improved. I truly feel there is a spiritual quality about the work that is real, palpable though subtle, and that is affecting our family in a wonderful, positive, creative, happy way. It is really rather extraordinary.”
– Hannah M., Carmel, Parent, Businesss Owner, CA
“We are loving the energy your beautiful paintings bring to our home – they are a beautiful reminder of your beautiful spirit!”
– Linda and Steven Abate, Art Collectors, OR
“I am particularly drawn to the paintings in the “Nature’s Rhythms” Gallery. I like the complexity, but retaining clarity still, of “Moon Dance”, “Sunrise” and “Music in Motion”. I like the feeling of “Wild Grasses” and “Tiger Lilies”, which have an appealing simplicity, while they nevertheless retain a complex vocabulary. The overlaying luminescent layers of “Grasses” contrast with the impulsive, impressionistic passages of stroke and droplets. In “Tiger Lilies”, at first sight, there is a delicate, gentle, feminine sensitivity that is appealing. As I am drawn into the details, a boldness emerges. There is a freedom of the hand throughout, a spontaneity that seems to create a feeling of a breeze moving through these blossoms and leaves. The stem of small green leaves is done with such spontaneity that it feels as if it was being blown in the wind, even as it was being drawn. That same feeling of immediacy and movement is alive in every inch. Throughout, the colors are clear and bright, with detailed variety and breathless spontaneity everywhere.”
– David Martin, MFA, Inventor, Business Owner
“I think these paintings are quite spectacular!”
– Mark Unger, MA
“The two paintings with the marvelous birds are just magical and reflect the peace in your soul – just beautiful, soothing and meaningful.”
– Yvonne Goldberg, Canada
“You leave me speechless. I love the concept and the result of it. What a wonderful expression of Soul.”
– Frank Sanders, TX
“Your art is amazing! The colors are so vibrant — they look alive! Almost animated.”
– Leslie O’Neill, OR