Meet Ushana

Dr. Uta Ushana, Background: Celestial Dance
Ushana Healing Arts features the works of visionary, multi-media artist Ushana. Light pours out from these works in colors both invigorating and soothing. The artist’s range of expression moves from powerful landscapes to luminous figures. The uniqueness of her art allows people to see the world in an exciting new way.
Artist Ushana Gallery
Ushana Healing Arts features the works of Ushana. Visit the viewing galleries and discover the power of healing art. Visit the store to purchase prints of Ushana’s works.
“The two paintings with the marvelous birds are just magical and reflect the peace in your soul – just beautiful, soothing and meaningful.”
– Yvonne Goldberg, Canada
“You leave me speechless. I love the concept and the result of it. What a wonderful expression of Soul.”
– Frank Sanders, TX

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